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"Hi, you have reached Sam Yao. Please leave a message if you want to get in touch."
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The place Sam wakes up is definitely not his bedroom. Everything is dimly lit and he wonders if something is wrong with his vision for a moment until he realises that no, it's just that everything really is black and white and grey and... no, oh no.

The realisation has him scrambling up, staring around with wide eyes. The other side of the mirrors. How had he ended up here? There was no-one around that he could see right now at least, but he was stuck, unless he could find the rabbit hole or someone took pity on him.

Fat chance of that. Most of the more reasonable, saner mirrors were sympathetic but not generally willing to put themselves at risk of retaliation these days. Maybe Loki if he could find him but that was a risk.
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Alright... Let's get this started.

First of all, hi to all the new people who've been arriving. Hope you manage to get settled in soon!

But mainly, well, I know everything here seems fairly safe for the most part, drafts and shifts aside. We've got plenty of food and clean water and electricity. But trust me when I say that I've seen how quickly that can all go to hell and leave a place, a world in chaos.

[And the human race on the verge of extinction.]

So I thought I'd start giving some survival tips? Yeah, survival tips. Things to prepare just in case the worst does happen. [He gives a slightly nervous laugh.] Because even if things seem safe now... let's just say if people had been prepared before the apocalypse, then my parents- then a lot of people would be alive now.

[Oh god, that's morbid isn't it? Well, he's started now so he might as well finish.]

So, supplies. It's easy enough to get them now so that's a good place to start, I guess. Water, food and fuel, in that order of importance.

You want a decent supply of water, ways of getting more and cleaning it. If you don't have proper filters, clean t-shirts will do. And then you can boil the water, or leave it in direct sunlight for six hours or so in a clear bottle.

Food, you want to make sure you've got stuff that will last. Tinned goods are great, but make sure to check the expiry date. We don't want a repeat of the 'spam incident' that happened a few months ago. At home. Not in Luceti I mean...

You need fruit and vegetables, protein, carbohydrates. Anything to avoid living off nettle and acorn ragu basically. Flour is good to have while you can get it, and sugar.

Oh my god... you really miss sugar when you can't get it anymore. And ice-cream.

[Okay, off-topic there a bit.]

Right, yeah, sorry. But yeah, you need to keep it in a cool, dry place which is secure and away from rats and other pests.

[He pauses for a few moments and this is more difficult than he'd thought. God, Janine had done a better job than he had although admittedly she was a committed survivalist speaking to people who really needed those skills.]

I hope that's helpful. If you've got any questions then feel free to ask me. Sorry if it seems paranoid but... paranoia keeps you alive.

Stay safe out there, guys.


Dec. 3rd, 2013 11:55 pm
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» Backtagging: Absolutely
» Threadhopping: Sure
» Fourthwalling: Sure, although I can't imagine it coming up. Zombie movie/TV show references are always welcome. They make them enough in canon.
» Offensive subjects: Nothing really.

» Hugging this character: will lead to awkward but is welcome!
» Kissing this character: Even more awkward, maybe grumpiness, but should be fine.
» Flirting with this character: Go ahead!
» Fighting with this character: Sure!
» Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Minor injuries (cuts, bruises, etc) are fine. Anything else, please ask.
» Killing this character: Talk to me and we'll discuss it.
» Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Feel free!

[Powers (for Altered States)]
Sam's power is mind-to-mind communication. He can speak with other characters and allow them to speak to him, essentially like a two-way radio system. As he practices, he'll be able to send and receive images and emotions, using them as a shorthand. He can't read any thoughts not specifically directed towards him.
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[Sam switches on the camera and tries to set it up so it’s not horribly blurry and smiles at the camera when he thinks he’s got it right.]

God it feels weird to not be telling someone to raise the gates.

Uh... hi? So, I’ve been in Luceti a week now. Maybe a bit more and I was just wondering about, well, the houses are nice but they’re not very secure and I wanted to know if anyone knows how I’d go about finding stuff like fencing, barbed wire, concrete....

[A voice interrupts from the background as Simon starts to protest.] What? Oh no. No, you are not concreting up my damn windows, Sam. I’m putting my foot down. No. N-O.

It’s a weak point, Simon! Points of entry, that’s what Janine always says. You need as few as possible.

[The journal is jostled a moment before Simon’s exasperated face appears in the feed, giving Sam a Look.] Which is great. Awesome. Janine’s the voice of annoying reason as always, but I’m sure we can think of a better way of securing them in case of emergency that still allows us to enjoy the fresh air and actual sunlight when it’s, y’know, not.

[Which has his attention turning to the journal feed and giving it an apologetic look.] Please excuse him, he doesn’t get out much.

[Sam positively glares at him, a look of long time exasperation and why does he have to deal with this idiot?]

I get out plenty! Well, I mean, not at home obviously because oh yeah, apocalypse! I’m pretty sure a lot more people would be alive if they’d had concreted windows before the end of the world.

Oooor we might have all mutated into some strange sort of psychotic mole-men instead. [Simon rolls his eyes.] The point is, we’re looking to secure the house a little bit better than it currently is and if anyone has any suggestions on where to get the materials to do that, we’d appreciate it.

Mol- do you ever listen to the stuff that comes out of your mouth?

Never. [Simon’s grin is cheeky and unrepentant.] Speaking of houses, we should have a party here, since we’ve now got an actual one and we’re not likely to end up on the menu. How’s tonight sound? Good? Good! Open invitation to a grill-out on the lawn of House 33. Swing by, bring beer or food if you like, it’ll be all casual-like.

What? You- you can’t just spring a party on people! This is the first I’ve heard about it!

That’s because I just made it up. And sure I can. Be spontaneous, Sam! Live a little! 5 o’clock sounds good, right?

Oh god, this is gonna be like a couple of weeks ago in New Canton isn’t it? With the hula hoops.

[Simon’s smirk takes on a wicked edge for a moment as he flicks a glance sideways at Sam.] Nope. It’ll be even better. I need to go get things.

[And with that, he vanishes abruptly out of the feed.]

[Sam sighs, rubs his forehead and gives the video a pleading look.]

Please don’t encourage him? He’s good enough at doing that himself. Although I suppose it has been a while since I’ve been to a proper party.

But yeah... security. Thanks for any help.

[He pauses for a moment, looking like he’s trying to think of what to say, because ‘Stay Safe’ is Jack and Eugene’s thing and ‘welcome home’ just doesn't work so he settles for another smile and then cuts the feed.]

[Simon and (grudgingly) Sam can be found around the village for the rest of the afternoon, collecting food and drinks for their impromptu party. And later on they can be found on the lawn of House 33, where the burgers are cooked and the booze flows freely and there are not yet fences and barbed wire and sealed up windows.]


Jul. 6th, 2013 02:23 pm
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Need to get in touch with Sam in Luceti? Please leave a message!

Please label threads with mode on contact (Action/written/voice/video) and the date!
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[Most people, upon waking in a strange place with no memory of they got there would probably be glad to be within sight of buildings and civilisation. Buildings meant people, people meant food and shelter. Maybe phones.

Unfortunately since the end of the world, buildings like that actually meant, well, zombies.

So when Sam wakes with a start on the ground, staring up at the grey shape of a block of flats, it's probably no wonder that he panics just a little.

He'd love to insist that it's controlled panic but there's no time for control, just for scrambling to his feet and forcing himself into a stumbling run away from the building, over grass and through trees as far and as fast as he can get, breathing ragged and his heart hammering loud in his ears.

It's only later when he's moderately safe (well, he's pretty sure that zoms can't climb trees, but then, he'd also been pretty sure that zoms couldn't use rocket launchers and look how that turned out) that he even bothers to take notice of his state.

Wings. He has wings. Little brown and black ones like some kind of bird that he can't remember the name of although he knows that he'd known it once. And there's a book. His name on it and for lack of anything else to do until he can get his bearings, he pokes at it a little. It's actually kind of fascinating. More like a tablet than a book and it seems to have some kind of signal maybe? Worth a try right?]

Hi so... uh, this is Sam Yao. From A- that's not important. I don't know if there's any signal out here really but... anyone I need to speak to anyone from Abel Township or... or New Canton.


Later that day or possibly the next day since time is pretty flexible

[It was the food shop that got him in the end.

Oh sure, he knew in his head that things were different here. Jack and Eugene had told him and there were just... some things were easy to tell. People smiled more and didn't check over their shoulders in case the undead hordes were about to break through the fences (rocket launchers strongly discouraged). No fences and barbed wire for that matter. Just little things that you didn't really notice until they were gone and then they kind of hit you in the face.

It's not like he hadn't seen the inside of the cupboards in the house either (he was fairly sure that Eugene had decided that he needed feeding up), but it was one thing to see stacks of tins and bottled water, familiar things, and quite another to see, well, this.

It wasn't even a big shop, not by pre-apocalypse standards, barely bigger than the local Tesco down the road from where he'd lived but when he stepped through the door he just had to stop and stare for a moment. A really long moment.

He hadn't stepped into a shop in... god, months, not since the early days of the plague and even then, the shop had been a ransacked mess of smashed glass as people panicked. Seeing one in pristine condition was a little overwhelming.

Seeing one full of actual food was just... He was pretty sure you weren't supposed to shake just from looking at food, but oh my god, they had fruit! Not the tinned stuff in juice and syrup which had become a rare treat, but actual real fresh fruit. Apples and bananas and grapes all piled up and there for the taking and Sam was pretty sure that his mouth started to water just looking at them.

Fruit, man. Fruit.

And to think that he'd been annoyed at mum getting on at him to eat more things that weren't pizza or take away back Before.

But that wasn't it even, even though it was more than he'd ever dreamed of seeing again, because really, even if the zoms vanished overnight, importing grapes from halfway round the world was probably not gonna be a priority. Oh no, the icing on the cake (and there was another thing they had, actual cake with chocolate and icing and stuff), was packed in the ice box and Sam could only laugh when he saw it, a thick, strangled sound that changed into gulping, helpless sobs as the last few days caught up with him all at once and all he could remember was Five and that ridiculous, hellish night when he'd woken Janine up to ask about Ice Cream Roll.]
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Name: Zalia
Journal Username: zalia
E-mail: zaliachimera [@] gmail.com
AIM/PLURK: Plurk – zaliachimera, AIM - ZaliaChimera
Current Characters at Luceti: Clint Barton/Hawkeye – MCU - [personal profile] asthehawkflies
Max Woodville – Original - [personal profile] abjurer


Name: Sam Yao
Canon: Zombies, Run!
Gender: Male
Age: 22 (no canon age is given but he says that at the start of the apocalypse, he was in his 4th year of university. He seems the type to go straight from high school which would put him at about 21 at the start of the outbreak and at least several months have passed since then)
Wing Color: Brown, black and grey, like a British sparrow - http://www.lifessense.com/wp/wp-content/photos/male-house-sparrow-5.jpg

Canon Point: Shortly after Season 2, Mission 4, once Runner 5 has returned to Abel Township after the attempt on their life. I'm also choosing to believe that this is before the first Side mission where Jack is found.

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